Resoconti Resoconto 5311a (Evento 5311-2022)

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NomeSunny B
Livello di esperienza3/5
NoteIt was very very large and wide. At least 30, maybe 50 times larger than a large shooting star or greater. It entered my field of vision almost directly overhead and moved relatively slowly overhead (for a "shooting star"). It got larger, and disappeared quickly (with a smallish tail) into the distance kind of high above the southern sky. I was shocked at how silent it was, for being the second largest meteor (?) that I've ever seen. It was a wide oval shape and a light blue to white color. It was a very stark contrast to the night sky. Wondering what it might have been... I can honestly write that I've seen more than a handful of large meteors in my lifetime, as I never have slept well at night. So I have been staying up and watching the stars for most of my life. For the past 2 years, I have been studying the stars, along with their constellations, almost nightly. I've only noticed one other meteor larger than this in my life. That particular one turned the entire sky so light that the sky turned brighter than daytime, for a second or 2, along with several large flashes of warm (yellowish?) white light and then a quick return to night sky. A few seconds later we heard the sound barrier break so loudly that it set off many car alarms. That episode was around fall/winter of 2018/2019 in Belleair Bluffs, FL and was very early morning (or late night). I still don't know what that was but would appreciate any info on it.
IndirizzoSeminole, FL
Latitudine27° 49' 51,17'' N (27,83°)
Longitudine 82° 47' 28,15'' W (-82,79°)
Altezza sul livello del mare9,42m
Tempo e durata
Data e tempo locale2022-08-18 22:05 EDT
Date e tempo T.U. (Tempo Universale)2022-08-19 02:05 UT
Direzione di movimentoDall'alto a destra in basso a sinistra
Angolo di discesa190°
Guardando verso l'azimuth183,09°
Primo azimuth186,77°
Prima altezza90°
Ultimo azimuth179,1°
Ultima altezza31°
Luminosità e colore
Magnitudine stellare-18
ColoreBlue, Light Blue, White
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