Resoconti Resoconto 2468u (Evento 2468-2021)

Questo resoconto è stato collegato all'evento seguente: Evento 2468-2021
NomeJack C
Livello di esperienza2/5
NoteI watch the sky a lot, not expertly or with much knowledge about the sky, and I have never seen anything like this before..aside from Skylab dropping back into the atmosphere and Hayley's comet a number of years ago. Very interesting to watch this.
IndirizzoFort Lauderdale, FL
Latitudine26° 8' 2,05'' N (26,13°)
Longitudine 80° 7' 19,22'' W (-80,12°)
Altezza sul livello del mare4,01m
Tempo e durata
Data e tempo locale2021-04-23 05:55 EDT
Date e tempo T.U. (Tempo Universale)2021-04-23 09:55 UT
Direzione di movimentoDa sinistra a destra
Angolo di discesa90°
Guardando verso l'azimuth13,16°
Primo azimuth4,75°
Prima altezza21°
Ultimo azimuth12,3°
Ultima altezza13°
Luminosità e colore
Magnitudine stellare-19
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Suono ritardato
Scia persistente
NoteThere were two, side by side, the smaller one on the left appeared to be dropping straight down out of the sky and the train was bright and then went dim and disappeared in a flat expansion of light and then blinked out. The second, much larger one, moved off to the right with a great long train behind it and to the left in the 9 o'clock position with a smaller train about half as long as the connected train pointing to the 7 o'clock position. The brightness of this second object with the two trains was exceptionally luminous. This second one fell in the same manner as the first one but without the last second expansion and flattening. It just collapsed into a bright dot and disappeared leaving the train to follow and then disappear a few seconds later. There was no additional presence from these two, but there was another two very luminous trains observed a few minutes later. In contrast to the few clouds in the sky, near the ocean and sunrise, these were extremely bright and the clouds were still very dark and purple (normal pre-dawn cloud colors). The second set of trains were visible for a few minutes and they also dissipated, but much more slowly than the first two. The second set made me think I was looking at something heading directly away from my position - as if I was looking up free tailpipe, so to speak.
Lampo finale
NoteIt went dim and disappeared in a flat expansion of light and then blinked out. This is visible in the video.
NoteIn the first two, I believe the smaller one on the left broke off the larger one on the right.