Resoconti Resoconto 5937g (Evento 5937-2020)

Questo resoconto è stato collegato all'evento seguente: Evento 5937-2020
NomeHeather A
Livello di esperienza3/5
NoteI do have a video but it’s only my reaction. My camera was blocked by our covered porch. I was actually sitting down and happened to see this streak it came from behind me over our 5,000 sq foot house over our entire 7,000sqft lot and over my neighbors house too. It made it to about the middle of the top of her house. Obviously way up in the sky. But I saw she was in her bedroom with that light on. It definitely couldn’t have been fireworks - I was outside the entire time. My windows were open all day. My dogs did not react at all. But I have a 40 second clip of my reaction of seeing it. I saw it as soon as it cleared my back porch. Where I was sitting. It was heading south. So excited to see this. I’m in a heavily populated neighborhood in dallas and to get that angle to go over both very tall houses that far up was no way it was anything else. And there has been very little wind tonight. And there absolutely no sounds. We have cameras all over our property. No one was in. The front of our house. It was super quiet like normal in our neighborhood.
IndirizzoDallas, TX
Latitudine32° 49' 17,81'' N (32,82°)
Longitudine 96° 45' 20,49'' W (-96,76°)
Altezza sul livello del mare179,62m
Tempo e durata
Data e tempo locale2020-10-20 20:15 CDT
Date e tempo T.U. (Tempo Universale)2020-10-21 01:15 UT
Direzione di movimentoDal basso all'alto
Angolo di discesa-
Guardando verso l'azimuth160,35°
Primo azimuth168,06°
Prima altezza60°
Ultimo azimuth170°
Ultima altezza65°
Luminosità e colore
Magnitudine stellare-14
ColoreDark Green, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Red
Suono concomitante
Suono ritardato
Scia persistente
Lampo finale
NoteI saw a widening emerald streak departing into 4 or 5 bright balls as its breaking up into white, yellow and red balls and then out
NoteIt was a green streak that was wide and then 4balls of yellow, white and a flash of red at the end.