Resoconti Resoconto 4363c (Evento 4363-2019)

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NomeJoel F
Livello di esperienza3/5
NoteMost of my remarks were made in a previous field. However, this was one of the largest if not the largest meteor I've seen. It appeared about the same size as the commercial aircraft I saw flying through the same exact area at around 11:00pm. This aircraft also was at an almost identical angle from the horizon. If you can find what aircraft that was maybe you can use it to get a more exact angle than I was able to guess. The aircraft was traveling the opposite direction of the fireball. West to east instead of east to west.
IndirizzoWarrenton, VA
Latitudine38° 39' 44,41'' N (38,66°)
Longitudine 77° 47' 17,04'' W (-77,79°)
Altezza sul livello del mare145,77m
Tempo e durata
Data e tempo locale2019-09-09 22:12 EDT
Date e tempo T.U. (Tempo Universale)2019-09-10 02:12 UT
Direzione di movimentoDall'alto a destra in basso a sinistra
Angolo di discesa263°
Guardando verso l'azimuth350,76°
Primo azimuth358,34°
Prima altezza40°
Ultimo azimuth331,09°
Ultima altezza38°
Luminosità e colore
Magnitudine stellare-13
ColoreYellow, Light Yellow
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NoteIt was already getting dark outside so I could only see the smoke trail as long as the fireball illuminated it. I could see the trail for a few seconds after the fireball passed behind the trees. I had a very narrow view window between trees, maybe 30-40 degrees as I walked to get a better view. I did have enough time to see it out of the corner of my eye then walk from behind the tree that was in my way, to view it between two other trees. Maybe 2-3 seconds for 30-40 degrees of travel. I'm sure the smoke trail persisted longer but after I lost sight of the fireball I went inside. I did wait maybe 20 seconds to see if I heard a boom. I never heard one and I think the angle of approach was too shallow for it to have hit.
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