Resoconti Resoconto 614t (Evento 614-2018)

Questo resoconto è stato collegato all'evento seguente: Evento 614-2018
Nome Ryan G
Livello di esperienza 2/5
Note There were two very bright lights spaced apart. There was a very broad tail of light that began after the lead light that ran straight through and beyond the second light. This streak of color was bright orange and yellow light and had the intensity of a laser beam. There was no flashing or pulsing or sense of fragmentation. I live close to an airport and am very familiar with incoming planes and the flight paths they take. and how at night a plane might look like when it is flying straight towards you with it's lights refracting in cloud cover. This was not that. As it flew east towards the Columbia Gorge I was half expecting to see a flash from an impact in eastern Oregon or Idaho. North Korean ICBM also came to mind
Indirizzo Portland, OR
Latitudine 45° 35' 12,23'' N (45,59°)
Longitudine 122° 43' 41,81'' W (-122,73°)
Altezza sul livello del mare 40,44m
Tempo e durata
Data e tempo locale 2018-02-14 21:22 PST
Date e tempo T.U. (Tempo Universale) 2018-02-15 05:22 UT
Durata ≈20s
Direzione di movimento Dal basso all'alto
Angolo di discesa -
Guardando verso l'azimuth 273,09°
Primo azimuth 272,23°
Prima altezza 48°
Ultimo azimuth 90,92°
Ultima altezza 35°
Luminosità e colore
Magnitudine stellare -17
Colore White
Suono concomitante
Osservazione No
Note -
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Scia persistente
Osservazione Unknown
Durata -
Lunghezza -
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Lampo finale
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